NTT Group produces, purchases and distributes the widest product range on the market, and perform services, within mechanical transmission, to companies that manufacture or maintain machines and other goods.


The most requested partner in mechanical transmission.

Core values


Reliable means that our customers can rely on us to always offer the exact product needed. It also means that we deliver price worthy articles right on time and at the expected level of quality. In order to be reliable we have our own, advanced production sites, the widest product range on the market and a large storage of articles.

To be reliable, the staff is demanded to rely on each other and trust that each and every one in the company takes responsibility for making the customers feel safe with us as a partner.


We are always available for our customers. We are easy to reach and easy to communicate with. Thanks to our knowledge and experiences, we explore new solutions. We are alert and always willing to help and to quickly offer the best solution for the customer. Available means that we listen attentively and that we care about customers, suppliers and staff. It also means that we give exemplary customer service. We are a Swedish company with Swedish production sites.


To us, the relationship with our customers is a cooperation. Cooperation means that we always focus on our customers’ needs and demands, in order to help them reach their goals and visions. In order to succeed we are responsive, innovative and flexible. The best cooperation is when we are acting so proactively, that we apprehend the customers’ needs before they are aware of them.

Internally we cooperate for the common purpose of helping our customers.

Company values

Find out about the NTT Group company values (PDF).